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When I was younger, my form of punishment was being grounded from books.

Not the TV. Not from seeing friends. Books.

I remember the longest I ever went without reading a book was two months, and that's only because I got grounded. What was it about books, about reading in general, that made me so happy that my mother decided to use it as a punishment against me?

It was the escape. The opportunity to travel, to learn, to leave myself behind and become someone else. It was magic.

Now, here I sit. Trying to join the ranks of all those authors that I fell in love with. It's not easy. I have my own little writer looking over my shoulder as I type. Plus, I'm going back to school to finish what I started.

When you really think about it, there's not much to me: I love to read and write, Lil Miss is my entire world, and there are few things I obsess over. As of now that obsession is completely taken over by Sword Art Online, an anime that isn't just entertainment, but a source of good for those who have lost their way.

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 Happy Reading, 
                       AOH Reid   


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