Review Requests

I will review most books from many genres. The only books I will not review are non-fiction and graphic heavy books. I am willing to give most books a fighting chance, so do not be discouraged based on past reviews. 

I will judge based on cover, description, and the written words themselves. I use a 5 star system, 5 stars being "I loved it" and 1 star for "I hated it". If I do give less than 3 stars I will let you know before it is published.


  1. I require all books to be grammatically edited. A normal amount of grammatical errors is acceptable, as all books have them, but please, an error on every other page is amateurish. 
  2. Send only what I have asked for here. I will base my decision of whether or not to review your book based on directions followed. 
  3. Be polite. This is a free service I am offering to you on my own, personal time. Making demands will get you blacklisted. 
  4. If I read your book and have a bad review of it, please do not send angry emails, etc. This is one woman's opinion. Remember, you can not make every single person happy. I will never outright slam a book based on you as a person or however horrible a book is. I will however help you to understand why I did not like the book so that you may learn from it.
  5. Do. Not. Badger Me. Once you have done what is asked here, you will receive conformation emails on receipt of messages, and so forth. Your job then is to go about your daily business. I promise, I will not have forgotten you and will let you know when your review will be published. 
  6. The information I require could be easily Googled, but then again, I would never know if I have the right book. Send in the links you want used, the book cover you want used, the information you want used, aside from what I require here. Not only does it make it easier on me, but I'll be sure to have the right information. 
  7. This is first come, first serve. I will do reviews in the order they are sent to me. All requests will be answered, whether approved or not. 
Ebook: Send information below in an email, with the eBook attached, or through your preferred way. This format provides the fastest turnaround. Format should be .epub, the universal eBook format. 

Physical Book: Send information listed below in an email. Based on given info I will let you know if I want to review your book. Then you will receive an address to send the book. Upon receipt you will receive another email. (That's 3 emails from me. 1.approval  2.address  3.receipt) 

Copy and paste the following into an email and send it to me at

In your email, I require the following information, as well as a cover photo of good quality. Attach .epub format of eBook if going that route. 











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