For Camp Nanowrimo, I'm working on the book I was trying to write in November 2015. This time, I will finish.

Darn it.

Here is a teaser cover and a little excerpt:

    “Is it going to rain, Runa?” A childlike voice peeps out of me.
    “No, James. I won’t let it.” She says. Her violet eyes peer up at me from the water as I look over the tiny boat’s edge. “It’s time to go back.”
    Reluctantly, I take the oar from the boat floor and start to head back to shore, to the dock behind my house. Before I can reach it, the waves kick up and the wind knocks me around. I’m scared.
    There’s only enough time to scream for her and then I’m under. The boat is gone, the waves are pushing done, the current pulling me under. My head breaks the surface and I scream for her again.
    I can’t see the dock. It’s gone. She’s gone. There’s no one to help me. I’m going to drown. Suddenly my hand bumps on scales and then I’m lifted out of the water onto the dock.  I look back out to sea and the eye of the storm is right above us. It’s calm for just a few moments. There in the waves, she looks up at me, pleading with her eyes.
    “Only you can end this, James.”


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