Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Today Is The Day

Guess what?

Today is my birhday!!!! So no, there will not be a review today. This morning I have a dentists appointment (awesome birthday present, right?) and I don’t know what I’m doing for the rest of the day. I know I want to be on the beach...playing in the surf, building sand castles with Lil Miss. I want a fish fry for dinner...I love me some fried freshly caught flounder.

But mostly, I just want to relax. No worrying about anything, not money, jobs, writing. Nothing.

If I can’t get out to the beach, or anywhere with a pool at least, I will just have to sit here and stare at this little beauty:

This is Virginia Beach in 2010. I took it years ago when I returned there for a day to retrieve my things from an old friends house I had lived with for a little while. I lived right down the road from this beach and never once visited it. I took advantage of it while I was there for a few hours.

There is nothing I love more than sand under my feet and the sound of waves crashing. Sea gulls stealing chips from picnics, the smell of coconut sunscreen in the air. Vinegar stealing the sting out of sunburns late at night.

Good memories, good times. It doesn’t matter where I go today, just as long as I have my lovelies with me.


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