Monday, July 18, 2016

A Bit of Show & Tell

Today is going to be a bit of show and tell.

Every writer has inspiration for their story. This inspiration can break off into clothing styles of characters, homes, towns, schools, etc.

For myself, my MC in Legacy has a very specific fashion sense: badass. And of course every badass girl has a sense of darkness abour her: leather, lace, dark colors. All those seemingly offputtig things that people pretend to dislike but are secretly drawn to.

I present to you, my fashion boards:

Just so’s we all know...this is actually my own fashion sense. I get a lady boner when I find a really cute lace shirt and pair it with black leggings and ankle boots. I actually used to dress this way back in high school. There’s just something classic about this kind of look, don’t you think?

Next is a collage I threw together (In procrastination, because how else do these things get done?)
The images are my inspiration for Legacy.

I gave my characters, mainly my female MC, the life I wanted. The clothes, the cars, the tattoos. I am living vicariously through my fictional characters. She has everything I want, while I have the life she craves. In a round about sense, I am her and she is me, and I get the best of both worlds. 


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