Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Oh The Pain

For those of you who noticed, I did not post Monday, but on Sunday. I did this because I promised to keep up my posts on a regular schedule. This was a promise to you as much as to myself.

Monday I had a dentists appointment. Long story short, I have an infection in a canine root canal. I was able to schedule an emergency appointment with my dentist and be seen right away. I've been on antibiotics for only a day and already I can feel a difference.

I didn't grow up with good dental care. My guardian never took me to the dentist, even when I was in pain when my wisdom teeth came in early and started the whole process of my dental problems.

For those of you who don't go to the dentist, please go. For those with children, please make sure they go on regular checkups. I didn't do either and now I'm paying the price.

For those that don't go because of financial constraints, there is hope. Medicaid, insurances, clinics, CareCredit, and dental discount plans are all available to you. There is usually an application process, certain qualifications, and of course fees, but anything can help cut the costs.

Now that I can take my mind off this little road bump in my life, I can focus on my project. I haven't written much in the past few days, barely hitting the 4000 word mark, when I should have double that by now.

But it is a new week, and my brain is in overtime. If you are a fellow Camper this year, what is your goal and how far have you gotten?

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