Friday, April 22, 2016

Well, This Week Didn't Go As Planned

Once in a while I like to write a To-Do list. I didn't do a single darn thing on my list this week. But!

We did go to the library again this week. Lil Miss got new books and played on the train table. I got books on homeschooling (got a few good ideas from those), some books to review, and was terribly disappointed when a JR Ward I was looking for was only available at a different branch. Poo.

I got a new review done, Joanna Rock's Secret Baby Scandal. Look for that next Wednesday.

Oh! I got some writing done. Not much, but I'm just over 5K words closer to my goal of 25K words by the end of this month. The validation period of Camp Nanowrimo has begun and there's just one week left of the event. I'm excited and jittery at the same time. Because I don't know if I'll make it, but with such a small word count in front of me how can I not pass it? It feels like when you get closer to the end you lose focus and that's when you mess up.

I'm scared I'll mess up before I cross the finish line.

But I can't let that stop me. I will channel the Little Train That Could and get this done. And keep going, until all the words are on paper, and the story is alive. 

And that's it. My week was slow, and I got a lot done in some respects, and very little in others. But hey, at least I'm not sitting on the butt all day, huh? 

It's a nice change of pace. 


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