Friday, March 18, 2016

Gonna Try This NaNoWriMo Thing Again

This time, I've signed up for Camp NanoWrimo. Instead of 50,000 words, I can set my own limit. I've set it at 25K words, hoping I can make or even beat that goal.

I will be working on the same novel I tried to work on last time, but I hope to actually get some work done this time.

A lot of people think being a writer means you wake up, write, do life, sleep, and repeat. Not true. AT ALL.

Most of the time writing is sporadic. There are bursts of inspiration and then nothing for hours, days, or even weeks (or months in my case). The blank page on a computer screen is a daunting thing that terrifies people into procrastinating.

And when a writer isn't trying to write, they're doing chores, playing with their kids, hanging out with friends: everything a normal person does on a day to day basis a writer does.

Trying to write around all the normal life stuff is harder than people think.

Hopefully this go-around, I'll be able to meet my goals.

Fingers Crossed


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